Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Details About Varka's Appearance

Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed some details about the appearance of Grand Master Varka, who has been a big mystery in the game for the longest time.

Genshin Impact Varka
Genshin Impact leak reveals details about Varka's appearance | © HoYoVerse

A recent Genshin Impact leak might tell us more about Grand Master Varka, a character that is known by everyone but remains a big mystery. These recent leaks could hint at a release in the near future.

Varka has appeared in the game several times but was never actually present. Many characters mention him throughout the storyline, but we never got to actually see him. So until now, Varka has been more of a myth than an actual person in the game, but the recent leaks about his appearance hint that he might get revealed soon.

Genshin Impact Leak Tells Us About Varka's Appearance

Varka is the Knight of Boreas and the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. Six months before the traveler first arrived in Mondstadt, he went on an expedition and hasn't returned ever since. Before he left, he temporarily transferred his post to Jean, who currently is the acting grand master. Due to his position, he already has a big reputation in the country and many characters have been mentioning him several times throughout the game.

According to other characters, Varka must be very powerful. They always describe him as one of the strongest people in Mondstadt, and how much they respect him and his actions as a leader.

Varka never really appeared in the game, leaving his physical appearance as a big mystery. But this recent leak tells us more about him, and when we can expect to really see him in-game.

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Depending on whether we should trust these leaks, it looks like Varka's appearance is very different from what we expected. If you hear other characters talk about him, most of us created this image in our heads of a bigger, wise-looking old man... maybe with a beard? You know what I mean...

This is what the leaks have revealed about Varka's appearance:

  • He is young
  • No beard
  • Crude and powerful design (like a wolf)
  • Cryo vision
  • Feather on his left chest
  • Stylish chain
  • Wolf-like hairstyle
  • Muscular
  • A dark blue, red, and grey color palette

Varka Release Date

The leak also revealed, when we can expect to see Varka in the game. It is said, that he will make an appearance in version 3.8 or later, once the Fontaine region gets released.

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