Ghostbuster Game in Development by Friday the 13th Devs

Illfonic have proven their horror-touch with Friday the 13th, and now the devs are working on a Ghostbusters game.
Ghostbusters game friday 13 illfonic
Uhmmm... this, as a multiplayer game? Yes, please? | © Nathaniel Himawan

So a while back, it was reported that Hasbro started making video games, and, for some reason, they decided to kick things off with a GI Joe game. From the moment I first heard the news, I was thinking that they should've gone with Ghostbusters instead. Not only is Ghostbusters a legendary IP, it also lends itself to gaming perfectly: You can turn it into a fun experience, similar to Luigi's Mansion, or you can turn it into a straight-up horror game. Now, it seems that the latter is about to happen, since the devs behind Friday the 13th have gotten their hands on the game.

Friday the 13th Devs Working on Ghostbusters Game

The news was revealed by studio co-founder Raphael Saadiq. Sadly for us, he didn't do much else other than simply reveal it, so we are left with no information on the game. We know Illfonic is working on a Ghostbusters game, but we don't know if it's drawing on the movies or the TV show. We don't know what liberties it will take with the license, nor if the approach will be dark or light-hearted. We also have no idea whether the game will be multiplayer or single-player. Still, we can speculate – particularly on the latter:

Both of Illfonic's last two games were asymmetric multiplayer games, with one person controlling an overpowered horror-creature, while the other players team up to bring it down. Of course, this would also make a lot of sense for a Ghostbusters game, where one person could helm the antagonist, while other players play as the eponymous Ghostbusters.

Anyway... it's all speculation and, since Illfonic is releasing Arcadegeddon in 2022, it will probably be a while until this Ghostbusters game sees the day of light. If you can't wait that long, then lucky you: The new Ghostbusters movies was recently re-scheduled to be released on November 19.

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