Gran Turismo 7 Beta Codes Available Right Now! How to Play the Beta?

Gran Turismo 7 beta codes
The Gran Turismo 7 beta should be released soon. | © Sony

Gran Turismo 7 beta codes are floating free around the internet, and it's perfectly legit! Can you get a GT7 beta code yourself? Sure! Will the code let you play the Gran Turismo 7 beta right now? Like every good drama, this one has a few twists too. That's a fancy way of saying "no".

Gran Turismo 7 was postponed, much to the franchise's enormous fanbase's dismay. With the new launch target being an unknown quarter of 2022, no one really expected any sort of news about a beta in mid-July, 2021. Expect the unexpected! There is beta news and depending on how high your hopes are, you may even turn away from this article in good spirits.

Gran Turismo 7 Beta Codes Available. Can You Play?

It's not an info leak from a shady website. It's a fully legitimate campaign on the PlayStation website that is giving out Gran Turismo 7 beta codes. Click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence and then follow the steps to acquire your own code.

The spoon-fed good news ends here though. For further sense of positivity, we'll have to look at this with a little perspective. That's because these codes won't lead you anywhere. The Gran Turismo 7 beta is not currently active, so all you'll have right now is a bunch of numbers. Numbers are nice, a beta would have been nicer.

However, teasing players with codes should mean that a playable beta is not that far into the future. Sony would have some balls to not release anything for months. If we try to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, a playable beta in say – late July, could mean that GT7 is going to be on its way in the first couple of months of 2022.

We're trying to acknowledge how much of this is logic and how much is wishful thinking. Gran Turismo 7 was originally scheduled to be a launch date release for the PlayStation 5. That ship has obviously sailed, but these mid-summer PS5 Gran Turismo 7 beta codes must mean something. We're just taking the overwhelmingly optimistic road here. Feels kinda nice actually!

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