Leak: GTA 6 Was So Big, Protagonists & Cities Were Cut

GTA 6 reportedly wasn't coming to play: The game was supposedly so big, that protagonists and cities were cut.

There's been no shortage of GTA 6 leaks recently, with the most exciting one arguably being the all but confirmed female protagonist. Now, some late arrivals are joining the leak-party, in the form of a report from Axios, and boy do they ever make a big claim: GTA 6 cut a lot of content from the game, and was originally supposed to have more protagonists than GTA 5.

GTA 6 Had to Cut Protagonists & Cities

The leak claims that GTA 6 was originally meant to have four protagonists and three cities. Yup, imagine that. That would have easily made GTA 6 the biggest of all GTA games, and that was exactly the issue: The game was too big and too ambitious, so content had to be cut from the game.

Now we will reportedly get two protagonists, including the aforementioned female protagonist, and the game will be set in Vice City only. The reason for these massive cuts - if rumors are to be believed - is the increasing pressure from Take Two: Take Two is Rockstar's parent company and they have long pressured Rockstar to release more games, and that has led to the production of GTA 6 picking up pace, and slimming the game down a little. Not to worry though: Even with just two protagonists and Vice CIty as the sole playground, GTA 6 is still said to be super ambitious and a massive game.