Is The Leaked GTA VI Development Bible Fake?

GTA VI leaks are the sparkle in the world of gaming that we need on a daily basis. Reportedly, the whole development plan of Rockstar got leaked, showing a lot of Information on the next GTA. But are these leaks legit, or was it a fake?

GTA VI Story Leaks
Characters, story and more leaks: but were they legit? | © Rockstar / EarlyGame

The new GTA story line is leaked. No, again now. Well it was. For a short time, there was a detailed description of characters and a list of side characters, gameplay features, the soundtrack and even the story.

Many other things were also leaked – so much, in fact, that the post is offline now.

GTA VI Development Bible Posted On Reddit

The leaker named his information document on GTA VI as "mega leak". As it is not online anymore, Rockstar might have risen their hand in order to delete the post. While that is wild speculation, the whole thing really looked legit. At least it was fun while it lasted.

"Don’t even care that it’s probably fake, shout-out to the author for how comprehensive it is. That’s a a lot of effort lmfao", is the top comment, followed by "Absolutely, was a fun read".

GTA IV development bible may have been leaked from GamingLeaksAndRumours

There are a bunch of news about GTA VI that are legit. Rockstar confirmed that they are working on it – we probably have to wait until 2024...

But the leaked setting seems fun and could be a game changing concept on how we perceive GTA. Now let's just hope that the most anticipated game for all of us will actually be good. We don't want to get another Cyberpunk – and right now, it looks like Rockstar is struggling...