Halo Infinite Will Be Missing a Fan-Favorite Feature at Launch

Halo Infinite No Assassinations launch
He can look forward proudly and sternly like that because he can't get assassinated from the back. The hints were there all along. | © Microsoft

Halo Infinite will not have assassinations at launch. The popular feature will be added to the game later, at least that's what developers 343 Industries promise.

Before you go screaming "Not my Halo" or start some cancellation hashtag... calm your willies, everybody: 343 Industries will definitely add assassinations to Halo Infinite at some point. At launch, though... no slick animations to execute people with.

Why Halo Infinite Will Not Have Assassinations at Launch

Simple: Gameplay advantages. Or... disadvantages, rather. 343 Industries say they removed the feature from Halo Infinite for now because it didn't fit within the sandbox setting.

The assassinations are not in for launch. We actually really love assassinations... but what happens at a lot of levels is people just turn them off because there's a gameplay disadvantage to it.

The devs are working on a way to implement the assassinations into the game eventually, but it will have to be in away that is "meaningful (...) so that they're always an accessible tool".

Sad in a way, but thinking about it differently... we'd rather that they release a balanced, good Halo game that they feel comfortable with and confident about, rather than trying to stuff it with features. 'More is more' is a philosophy many suffer from, and it's good to see that 343 Industries seem to realize that sometimes less is more. At least for launch. After that, screw it, we want them assassinations, son.

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