Halo Infinite is going Free-To-Play: Release Date & Details

Halo Infinite At E3
"No. I think we're just getting started" - Master Chief in the concluding moments of Halo: Combat Evolved | © 343 Industries & Microsoft

More details were revealed about this year's Halo instalment - Halo Infinite - at the E3 Bethesda and Microsoft showcase on June 13. The franchise looks like it'll be experiencing a return to former glory later this year. Here's what we learned at E3 about the Halo Infinite free-to-play multiplayer, new campaign, and release date.

Halo has suffered from an identity crisis in recent years. Fortunately, it looks like that might be over soon – Halo Infinite is shaping up to be the kind of return to form that Call of Duty had in 2019 with Modern Warfare. Everything we've seen so far has been exciting. But the presentation during Xbox and Bethesda's Showcase at E3 got fans truly excited, when the Halo Infinite release date and beta details were revealed.

Keeping up with E3 2021? So are we - here's some stuff you might've missed:

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Free-To-Play

Halo Infinite will have free-to-play multiplayer with seasonal content updates somewhat like that of other shooters like Warzone and Fortnite. Little is known about the details, but it looks pretty awesome, and this is exactly what Halo needs to stay relevant!

Check out the gameplay and campaign trailer:

When Is The Halo Infinite Release Date?

Halo Infinite will release in Holiday 2021, including both its multiplayer and campaign elements. The reveal trailer showed us gameplay from both the free-to-play multiplayer portion of the game, and its campaign. We will be updating this article with all the newly revealed information - so stick with us!

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