Hogwarts Legacy On Xbox Game Pass: Chances & Expected Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy is here, and as expected, the Harry Potter RPG is an enormous success. But will the game also become available on Xbox Game Pass anytime soon? Well, things are a bit complicated, since the game also has different release dates on different platforms. Let's have a look.

E3 2021 hogwarts legacy
Will Hogwarts Legacy be available on Xbox Game Pass? | © Warner Bros.

Whilst the launch on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is on February 10, 2023, owners of a PS4 or an Xbox One will have to wait until the beginning of May to play the game – and on Nintendo Switch, you'll have to be even more patient.

Besides directly buying a game, more and more Xbox players decide to just subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass which includes hundreds of games, old ones as well as new ones, sometimes even day-one-releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

And with the release of the long awaited Harry Potter RPG, you might of course be curious if you can play Hogwarts Legacy via Xbox Game Pass now or anytime soon.

Is Hogwarts Legacy On Game Pass?

Let's be clear on this one: Hogwarts Legacy is currently not available on Xbox Game Pass. But although there is currently no information about the game becoming part of the Game Pass library, this doesn't mean that this can't change in the future.

Since the Harry Potter franchise is enormously huge, developer Portkey Games and publisher Warner Bros. can be sure that people will buy the game. Direct sales usually deliver the best economic results, so buying the game will most likely remain the only option to get access to it for some time, just like big movies are shown in cinema first before they appear on video on demand platforms later. Also, it wouldn't make much sense for Warner Bros. to release it on Game Pass now, since the game hasn't even been released on Xbox One yet.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Xbox Game Pass In The Future?

In theory, Hogwarts Legacy can become part of the Game Pass anytime, and the chances that this will happen shouldn't be all too bad. Hogwarts Legacy is single player only, so the hype about it will sooner or later start fading when a large amount of players has finished the game, which should increase the chance to see it becoming part of the Game Pass.

Anyway, we don't expect it to be released on Game Pass earlier than mid 2024, since it will take until July 2023 until the game is available on all consoles.

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