Redfall On Xbox Game Pass: Availability Check

As an Xbox owner, you are probably wondering whether the brand new Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass or not. We will answer this question in this article.

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Redfall was released on 2 May 2023 – but is it also available on Xbox Game Pass? | © Arkane Studios

Excitement is mounting among PC and Xbox gamers as Redfall – one of two highly anticipated Xbox exclusives of 2023 – has finally been released. However, there is some confusion as to whether Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on whether the game will be on Xbox Game Pass, and what you can expect if it is.

Redfall: Combining Frantic Battles with the Creepy Supernatural

Redfall is a thrilling co-op game that seamlessly blends frantic battles with the creepy supernatural. It’s no surprise that many gamers are eagerly awaiting its release. However, the game's nature as a co-op or single-player game has left some people wondering whether Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

The Advantage of Game Pass for Co-Op Games

For those who are unfamiliar, Xbox Game Pass is a popular service that allows subscribers to install and play a wide range of games for a monthly fee. This can be particularly useful for co-op games, as it means that everyone in the group can easily install and play the game without having to purchase it individually.

Play Redfall On Xbox Game Pass

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Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass – but only the standard edition. | © Microsoft

The good news is, yes, Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass as a day 1 release. This means that subscribers are able to jump straight into the action without having to purchase the game separately. It's worth noting, however, that the version of Redfall available on Xbox Game Pass is the standard version.

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If you want the Bite Back edition, which comes with additional skins and weapons, you'll need to purchase that separately.

In conclusion, Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass, giving subscribers the opportunity to dive straight into the game without any additional costs. While the standard version of the game is part of Microsoft's digital gaming library, those who want the Bite Back edition will need to purchase it separately.

So, get ready to enter the mystical world of Redfall and experience its heart-pumping action and creepy supernatural elements.

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