Honkai Star Rail: How To Obtain The Free 4-Star Character In Version 1.4

Since Honkai Star Rail falls into the gacha game genre, there is one thing, that is particularly important to the majority of players: the character lineup. Especially if you promised yourself, and your wallet to stay free-to-play, it can seem quite hard to build two synergizing teams in order to clear the end game content. Luckily, HoYoverse has at least some mercy with us in version 1.4.

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In Honkai Star Rail, getting and building the right units is crucial in order to clear the Memory of Chaos, which requires us to have at least two completed teams of four. However, getting good characters can prove to be a little tricky from time to time and just pulling for your favorite 5-Star won't do the trick!

Luckily, HoYoverse shows some mercy in version 1.4, and offers us a free unit, which could definitely help us to build the perfect team!

But which one exactly can you get?

Honkai Star Rail: Free 4-Star In Version 1.4

Even if the version 1.4 is still not quite here, there are some leaks, that HoYoverse is giving away a free 4-Star during said update!

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How To Obtain The Free 4-Star

This event seems to be bound to a story quest, which will be released in 1.4, so there is no way to prepare in order to get the unit faster.

The story's name will be “Fateful Crossing: Aetherium Wars” and its details read as followed: “Encounter new companions in your journeys.” After you completed said mission, the quest NPC will give you dark blue envelope. It is of 4-Star rarity and the description says, that the envelope contains a ticket!

And what do we do with tickets in Star Rail? — Exactly, we give them to conductor Pom Pom to make a wish! However, other than in the normal wishing ritual, we can choose one of four possible 4-Star units, to guarantee we get one we actually want!

The obtainable characters are:

  • Serval: 4-Star / Path of The Erudition / LIGHTNING
  • Hook: 4-Star / Path of The Destruction / FIRE
  • Pela: 4-Star / Path of The Nihility / ICE
  • Luka: 4-Star / Path of The Nihility / PHYSICAL

There should be a pretty useful option for everyone!

Hsr luka
Honkai Star Rail: Get yourselves a free Luka in version 1.4! | © HoYoverse

Especially interesting is that Luka is featured in the event! He is one of the newest 4-Star characters, and works exceptionally well with Kafka! So to all Kafka-Havers: Take Luka!

Next to him, Pela seems to be the next best choice. She is a super versatile unit, which provides super strong debuffs and can break ice weaknesses incredibly fast.

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As for Hook and Serval, they are rather low tier units, however, there are players, who main both of them and especially Hook can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage if build correctly! Just pick the one, you feel most excited about!

There is still over a month until we can make our choice, so there is plenty of time to make up our minds! I will probably pick Pela, since she is just super adorable and I play her with my beloved Kafka!

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