Halo Infinite Will Have 23 Maps at Launch

Halo infinite maps
How many maps will Halo Infinite have? 23. | © Microsoft

Halo Infinite will have 23 maps for its next flight in October. Though the October date is not set in stone yet, the 23 maps seem to be.

So, a Tweet recently promised that Call of Duty Vanguard would launch with 20 maps. Vanguard really though it was onto something there, until dataminer Surasia4 commented that Halo is going to launch with 23 maps. The Twitter user bases his information on the data, he, uh... mined, which seems to confirm the 23 launch-maps.

How Many Maps Will Halo Infinite Have?

According to our dear dataminer Surasia4, Halo Infinite will have a minimum of 23 maps at launch:

Of course, you can't go around making such bold statements and expect not to be asked questions. When asked whether or not the maps were big, Surasia4 replied, saying: "Arena + BTB. You'll see two BTB maps in the next flight, but expect much more in the final game."

According to the same dataminer, the next flight for Halo Infinite is set to take place in October. Yup, that's only 20-odd days away, and I can't help but think that Microsoft is sitting somewhere thinking: "Can you please stop leaking all our sh*t?" Seriously though, any and all information on Halo seems to have been leaked and not much has really been confirmed, but here's our Halo Infinite coverage anyway:

Little by little, Halo Infinite is shaping up to quite something. What started as a graphics-meme, is now shaping up to be the Halo game we deserve. Battlefield 6 and Call of Duty sure have their work cut out for them with this one: Halo Infinite is free-to-play, has a dedicated fanbase, and is launching with quite some content. Sure, the game is restricted by being an Xbox and PC exclusive, but it's also launching on Game Pass, which means players won't be restricted by old hardware and that many people who otherwise wouldn't get to play the game, can play it with ease.

Whatever the case, Halo Infinite will have a huge launch, because it remains one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Still, you can't help but feel like this one is do or die – not just for the Halo franchise, but also for the future of the Xbox as a console.

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