How To Beat A Stone Talus In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Stone Talus is a serious enemy and can quickly become deadly for the player. Luckily, there are some tricks to make things easier and less threatening.

Tot K Stone Talus
It's not easy to beat a Stone Talus but we've got some tricks for you! | © Nintendo

Just rushing in and smashing things will not suffice for many enemies in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For some of them, the players have to approach combat strategically and use the weakness of their opponents for their own opportunity. One of these opponents is the Stone Talus, a gigantic mass of living rock you can only damage if you hit its weak point.

They're found in a number of locations and variants across the massive TotK map – if you have trouble finding things, you should take a look at the interactive map. Some of these variants are even tougher to beat, such as the Battle Talus. As long as you don't get near to a disguised Stone Talus you're fine, but as soon as they awake and emerge roaring from the ground you're in trouble.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - How To Beat A Stone Talus

For most Talus variants, the most effective way is to stun them first, before actually dealing damage to them. The problem is, you'll have to hit their weak spot for this too. Concerning Stone Talus, their weak spot looks just like ore that is located atop of them. To reach it, you can use an arrow with a bomb flower fused to it.

Another possible way to stun the beast, to use Link's new Rewind ability. Therefore, make sure you've selected Rewind and stay out of range for Talus' melee attacks and wait until it draws its arm back. As soon as it detaches it from their body and throw it at you, use Rewind to smash the Talus with its own arm and knock it down.

Once it is stunned, you can climb it to reach his weak point. It looks like ore, and you should also use weapons that are effective mining tools, meaning blunt weapons. You should be able to perform two complete combo attacks against the weak point before the Talus tries to get rid of you. Jump off, before you take damage from that, and repeat the procedure until you've defeated it.

The heart of the Stone Talus can be fused to a weapon, which will be an incredibly strong hammer that will be useful for facing the next Talus.

You could also use Link's Ascend ability to shorten things, as this Reddit user shows us:

Why didn't I think of this earlier?
by u/KirbyOfHyrule in TOTK

Same goes for a Battle Talus. It's easier to defeat them, once you got rid of the Moblins – again you can use arrows to pick them off, or you ascend on top of the Talus and battle them in melee. As soon as you've defeated the Moblins, it's the same procedure with the Battle Talus you already know from the Stone Talus.

For Enemies other than a Talus, this could be useful to know:

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