How to Watch the Game Awards & What to Expect

The Game Awards are just days away. How do you watch the Game Awards, where can you watch them, and what should you expect? We have the answers.

Game awards 2021 how to watch
Mark your calendars everybody. | © The Game Awards

The Game Awards. A gamer's Oscars. Except that we care more about the announcements than the actual awards. Yeah, sure, the awards are exciting, and it'll be interesting to see who wins Game of the Year, but all most gamers really care about is what to expect next: What reveals are upon us. Well... whatever you're watching the Game Awards for, we have everything you need to know about them

How to Watch the Game Awards 2021

Game Awards 2021 Start Time

The Game Awards 2021 will start at 4:30 pm PT with a little 30-minute pre-show, followed by the main show at 5 PM PT. So this means that the official Game Awards start time is on December 9, at 5:00 PM PT, 8:00 PM ET, and 2:00 AM BST.

Where to Watch the Game Awards 2021

It's simple: You can watch the Game Awards 2021 on their official outlets:

Of course, only YouTube and Twitch will give you the full Game Awards 2021 stream, while the other outlets will give you some supportive coverage.

What to Expect from Game Awards 2021

The game awards will announce winners in 30 categories, the most important of which being 'Best Game Direction' (we nominate Kena), 'Best Esports Team of the Year', 'Best Esports Player of the Year', and, of course, 'Game of the Year'.

Also, we will get over 40 to 50 announcements on upcoming games, with at least over 10 new game announcements. All in all, we're set up for a huge event on December 9.