Jedi Survivor PC Multi-Monitor Issue: How To Fix Display Problems

On PC, Jedi Survivor has issues when you’re using multiple displays or monitors. We’ll show you what you can do to fix these problems.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
You have Jedi Survivor display issues? We'll help you! | © EA

Jedi Survivor on PC is a mess, and among the countless issue is one annoying problem that’s plaguing everyone who’s using multiple displays. And nowadays, that’s a ton of people. If you have problems properly playing Jedi Survivor on a second display, like a monitor or TV, read on to see how to fix this issue.

Jedi Survivor PC Multi-Display Issue Fixes

Unlike most games, the Jedi Survivor settings don’t offer the option to select which display you want the game to run on. So if you’re using multiple displays, it seems like you’re screwed. But there are ways to fix this, albeit slightly obscure ones.

For all these solutions, you should wait until after initial loading is done and you’re in the main menu. Now, you have three options to get Jedi Survivor on the display you desire:

  1. Press Alt+Enter, which will set the game to windowed mode. You can also set it to windowed mode in the settings, this is quicker though. Now drag the Jedi Survivor window to the display you want it on, press Alt+Enter again and voila, the deed is done.
  2. While you’re in the game, you can press Windows+Shift+Arrow Key to push the window from one display to another. There is one issue with this: the game will be rendered in your original display’s resolution. To fix this, go to the settings after pushing the window and set the game to “Bordered Windowless”
  3. Go into the Display Settings on your PC and change the primary display to the one you want to play the game on.

One of these solutions should work for you and fix Jedi Survivor’s multi-display issue. So if you struggled to play the game on your TV or a nicer monitor, we hope we were able to help you with that!

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