Kanye Pitched a Nintendo Game to Zelda & Mario Creator

There is no end to the creativity of Kanye West: The man really sat down with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto to pitch him a game.

Kanye West nintendo
Nintendo with Kanye beats? I'm here for it. | © Vanity Fair

Look, Kanye is a huge anime fan, so it's not really a stretch of any imagination that the guy likes Nintendo games. Also, if you know anything about Ye, it's not really a stretch of the imagination that he does anything. Literally, every conceivable idea you could have... I can see Kanye thinking of doing that. Still, it is impressive that the man sat down with the creator of Zelda and Mario, and actually pitched him games.

Kanye Pitched Games to Nintendo

Between his new girlfriend, and his hate for his ex-wife's new boyfriend (who's going to space, by the way...), Kanye still has time for other passion projects, and this one was supposedly a 'moving' Nintendo game, pitched to Miyamoto. Oh, by moving I emotional, not that Kanye conceived the idea of games being in motion...

Apparently, the game was pitched to Miyamoto at the E3 2015, so... that was well before all the current relationship drama Ye is going through. In the game, you would've played as Kanye's late mother Donda, who's trying to ascend to heaven. It all would've been set to Kanye's very own music.

Now, wait a second and imagine this: A game by Miyamoto, about a black woman trying to get to heaven. That sounds entireyly feasible, and also... it sounds revolutionary. Add some creative sprinkles from Kanye, and the fact that he would be doing the soundtrack, and I'm not gonna lie: I'm sad this game never happened.