Korean Witcher RPG With Races In The Making

Korean Witcher In The Making
We see why they called it "Korean Witcher". | © Krafton

PUBG developer and publisher Krafton is reportedly working on a game that people call “Korean Witcher”, with elements of other famous RPGs that you very well know. Just how much is true about this statement, though? It’s a lot to live up to, after all.

Many would say: there is only one Witcher. And I agree. Kind of. After all, at this point, there’s a Witcher anime, Netflix Show, games and books. So actually, I don’t agree with you.

Witcher is a phenomenon that took the world by storm. And by world, I mean the entirety of it. It also reached South Korea, where Krafton held a press conference today that got reported on by PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN. On Twitter, he reported that a game was in the making at Krafton, that was heavily inspired by “The Bird That Drinks Tears”

To sum it up, what this new fantasy novel-inspired IP is supposed to be is:

  • Singleplayer
  • Dark fantasy RPG
  • Korean Witcher
  • 4 Races (Human, Naga, Bird/Human Hybrid, Goblin)
  • 4 Stories depending on your race

In case you needed another reminder of what a Korean Witcher might look like, check out Crimson Desert. If it looks anything like this, as a single player RPG that feels and is played like the Witcher, then this might just be the biggest RPG in a long time (unless they release Dragon Age 4 before that, but I'm biased on that one).

None of these things have been confirmed by Krafton yet, so this has to be taken with some form of salt, though this was from their official press conference, so it’s safe to say that this has some truth to it.

What we found very interesting was the aspect of races in-game. The fact that all 4 races will have different stories reminds us a lot of Dragon Age: Origins, while the races itself remind us a lot of what Skyrim went for. It really looks like Krafton took every amazing aspect from the most popular RPGs and now turns it into this.

This game shows so much promise, and we can’t wait for there to be more info on it.

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