Leak Reveals New Red Dead Game Coming Next Year

A new leak of internal documents reveals the next Red Dead game, including the full title and release date. Let's check it out.

As secretive as Rockstar Games and their parent company Take-Two are, even they aren't completely safe from leaks. And we got a major one just now, that didn't only reveal exciting news on GTA 6, but also gave us another sweet, delicious treat: a new Red Dead game is in development and it's coming next year!

Red Dead Gunslinger Revealed By Leak; Release Date in 2023

It looks like a new Red Dead game is coming out next year. This leak comes courtesy of @NEWSLEAKSGTAS, who tweets about all things Rockstar Games. They seem to have multiple sources and have leaked a bunch of stuff about the studio and its games before. Now they posted some photos and slides that seem to come from an internal meeting by Rockstar's publisher, Take Two. The posted pictures show a release calendar and in that we see the following info:

Red Dead: Gunslinger (Rockstar Games) – Launching Spring 2023

So yes, it looks like we will get a new Red Dead game titled Red Dead: Gunslinger, with a release date slated for Spring 2023. Whether this leak is legit or not is always a good question and you should take this with a big grain of salt. If you check out the tweet though, you will see that the leaked documents look legit and the leaker claims they are.

Now, I unfortunately have to hamper your excitement a bit. It doesn't seem like Gunslinger will be a full on AAA open world game, like Red Dead Redemption 2. Gunslinger is listed in the release calendar under "Mobile", so this new Red Dead game will most like only come out on phones and mobile devices. Still, Rockstar have never really done an original mobile game, so we're looking forward to seeing what they could do on those platforms.

And hey... new Red Dead is new Red Dead. I'm excited either way. Let's hope this leak is legit and we will get a new cowboy adventure by this time next year.