This Is Basically the Xbox Handheld You Wanted

This was inevitable: A purely cloud-based gaming device has entered the market: Logitech is set up to compete with the Steam Deck and the Switch.

Logitech g cloud gaming handheld
Looks good, but... that's about it. | © Logitech

I love cloud-gaming. I legitimately, and full-heartedly believe that cloud-based gaming is the future, and, in fact, I don't understand how anyone can oppose it. Currently, the Steam Deck and the Xbox Series S are the closest systems we have to dedicated cloud-gaming devices, but this changes now: Meet the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld.

Logitech Releases Cloud Based Handheld

Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld? That's a stupid name. Seriously, that sounds like an in-development name, and whoever came up with that should be ashamed of him- or her- or themselves, but... I'm not about to shame the game for its name, nah... let's see what this Bad Boy's got.

The Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handled (seriously?) features a 7-inch touchscreen with 60Hz and Full HD resolution. It has the usual two sticks, D-pad and the A, B, X, Y layout. I personally hate the position of the sticks and much prefer what the Steam Deck's got going on, but... that's entirely subjective. The G Cloud also comes with a USB-C port and the mandatory audio-jack, though Bluetooth is obviously available.

Since the device is mainly set up for Cloud Gaming, all the services are available: GeForce Now, Game Pass, and other pretenders, but you're still gonna have to shell out for the streaming services and the G Cloud, which will cost you $350, but is currently selling for $300 to celebrate its release.

Since this is essentially a phone with sticks attacked, and it costs only $50 less than the Steam Deck, which can do much more, I don't see the purpose of this over outfitting your phone with a good controller, but, hey... at least they got the name wrong.