Long-Awaited LEGO Zelda Set Could Be Coming Soon, Accidentally Confirmed By LEGO

By striking several YouTube videos, LEGO has unwillingly confirmed the one thing they were trying to hide from us, which is the rumored LEGO Zelda set.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Deku Tree
LEGO Zelda set confirmed? | © Nintendo

We might get a LEGO Zelda set soon. Although this has been kept confidential for a long time, and LEGO never confirmed it officially, they now indirectly reinforced the speculations. A LEGO set for Zelda has actually been rumored for a few weeks now. Especially after cooperating with Nintendo to release several Super Mario sets such as a LEGO NES or Bowser figure, fans are starting to get hyped about more in the future. Although LEGO has been very quiet about everything, they now indirectly reinforced the idea, that the Zelda set might be real.

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Is The LEGO Zelda Set Confirmed?

Earlier this year, several hints about an upcoming LEGO Zelda set have started to roam the internet, but LEGO never officially confirmed anything until now. Even though we still haven't gotten an official statement yet, things are looking pretty good in terms of an upcoming LEGO set for Zelda.

It looks like the Zelda set will feature the Deku Tree, Hestu, and even figures for Zelda and Link from BOTW, as well as versions from older games like Ocarina of Time.

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Recently, there were videos on YouTube that contained pictures of the alleged LEGO Zelda set. According to the creator of these videos, they got taken down due to a strike from LEGO. With that, the company basically confirmed that the Zelda set must be real since they obviously wouldn't get a video taken down due to violation of copyright if the set wasn't real.

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