Lost Ark Guide: How To Get More Charisma

Want to know how to level up your charisma in Lost Ark? We will show you the best way in this guide.

Lost Ark How To Get More Charisma
Want to be as charming as this dude? Then read our guide. | © Smilegate

Lost Ark is a deep, complex game. That means that you will have to juggle many different currencies and systems. Next to your level and your power level, you also need to keep an eye out on your character's "Virtues", of which Charisma is one. We will show you everything you need to know about it.

What Is Charisma In Lost Ark?

Charisma is one of four Virtues in Lost Ark, next to Kindness, Wisdom and Courage, or as I like to call them: The Four Genders. The Virtue system works kind of like a reputation system in other RPGs. Every NPC in the game has their own Virtue requirements that you need to fulfill in order to unlock rewards, dialogue options, missions etc. So make sure to stay charming! If you're as interesting as a potato and need more Charisma, then read on and see how you can get more of that in Lost Ark.

How Can I Increase Charisma In Lost Ark?

There are five different way to increase your Charisma in Lost Ark. We will show you them all in detail below.

  1. Complete Missions
  2. Complete Una's Tasks
  3. Improve Rapport Rank with NPCs
  4. Equip certain Cosmetics
  5. Consume Virtue Potions

Complete Missions

One of the most reliable ways to get more Charisma in Lost Ark is to complete missions, as you often get virtue boosts as mission rewards. This obviously means main quests and side quests. But you should also make sure to complete the missions in the Adventurer's Tome in every region. And don't forget about the hidden stories!

Complete Una's Tasks

Outside of missions, you can also complete Una's Tasks to improve your Charisma. These are Lost Ark's version of daily and weekly missions. Doing them grants you many kinds of rewards, among them: boosts for your Charisma and other Virtues.

Improve Rapport Rank with NPCs

Having a good rapport with people is super important, not just in this thing called real life, but in Lost Ark as well! Improving your Rapport Rank with NPCs can unlock rewards, including Virtue boosts! So make sure to be nice to people and to fulfill their requests, you will get a lot out of it.

Equip Certain Cosmetics

The biggest part of charisma is not just a big smile and a quick tongue, no... it's your drip! Again, Lost Ark is just like life: wear cool clothes and people will immediately think you're more charming. For real though, certain cosmetic items in Lost Ark can boost your Charisma value. So be on the lookout for the right fit, if you need to be more charismatic.

Consume Virtue Potions

Now, if all else fails, you can still drink yourself to a charismatic self. This is the one difference between LA and RL, since you can drink potions, which you often get as rewards for quests and tasks and which will increase your Charisma and other Virtues. Trust me, that one doesn't work outside the game...

And that's all folks! Now you know everything you need to know about Charisma in Lost Ark. If you liked this, make sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides, like the ones on how to earn Pirate Coins quickly or our guide on the Monte Island Token. Enjoy!