This Is The Most Unique Game Of The Year

Matcho is the world's first Match 3 FPS shooter, and if you're unclear what that means, you're exactly where I was 20 minutes ago.
Matcho game news release date trailer
I sense Portal vibes. | © Matcho

So Match 3 games are tile-matching games - just in case you didn't know. Jewel Quest, Candy Crush... you know them, you've played them. No one knows why they are so popular but everybody got stuck on one at least once in their life. So far, there's never been a Match 3 game that was more than... well... tiles. No one thought 'hey, let's turn this genre into an FPS with a story, world-building and the whole nine yards'. Until now.

Matcho: The First Match 3 FPS Ever

Honestly, at first glance, Matcho looks like the worst shooter of the past decade: Everything looks stiff and outdated and just... off. Until you realize that what's off about it, is the precision needed to defeat enemies: You see, in Matcho, you are mostly up against colorful robots. While that seems uninspired at first, there is a reason for that: You have to match the robots as your shooting them - just like you would do with the candy in Candy Crush. I wouldn't call this genius, but it certainly is one of the more unique ideas I've seen in a while - and I write about games every day.

Story-wise, the game is much less creative than its gameplay: You control Max, who suffers from a disease that gives him superpowers. He can discharge energy, which also can be harmful to him if he accumulates too much of it. It's nothing you haven't seen on TV or in an anime before, but it's serviceable enough. As he has these powers, Max is the one tasked with saving the world from the aforementioned colorful robots, who have the same genetic pattern as him. It's just... that he has to match them as he's destroying them. The usual...

Matcho also comes with an arena multiplayer mode, which... I'm really curious to see how it integrates the matching formula. In any case, the game sounds interesting enough to stay on my radar. Either this one is an absolute flop, or it turns into a strategic shooter classic like Portal. We'll see soon enough when the game releases on PC, Xbox Series X and PS5, at an unspecified date.