This Changes Everything: Meta Quest Has Cloud Gaming

The Meta Quest always looked like just another VR headset, that wasn't quite the next step in gaming yet... until now.

Meta Quest Game Pass
The future is now. | © Meta Quest

I did absolutely not see this coming. Honestly, to me Meta Quest was just gonna be another VR thing that no one but the reach really care about, and even then... it's mostly a cool party trick. Well... turns out I was so wrong about that, because Meta pulled a quick one on us: The Meta Quest is going to feature Xbox cloud gaming, which is going to give it a huge gaming library.

Meta Quest Will Have Game Pass

The news was revealed on the Oculus Blog, which revealed that Meta and Microsoft came to an agreement that will have Xbox cloud gaming run on the Meta Quest. This means, the Meta Quest store will be upgraded with hundreds of titles, all playable in your VR glasses, essentially turning them into a "private movie theatre available at all times" - as the company puts it.

This is huge news, because it means the Meta Quest completely outclasses every other VR headset on the market, and, in fact, it turns into a viable option for gaming period. Why get a handheld device, a PC or an expensive console, when you can just put on some glasses and get the most immersive gaming experience possible?

As of now, there is no word on when exactly the service will become available for Meta Quest users, but since this is merely a matter of implenting the Xbox games catalogue, we expect the execution to follow this announcement soon enough.

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