Minecraft Dungeons: How To Solve The Treetop Tangle

Players of Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire can explore much exciting new content. We explain The Treetop Tangle mission to you.

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Players of Minecraft Dungeons have a lot to look forward to in Patch, as there are numerous exciting features to explore. The Fauna Faire has arrived, bringing with it a host of new additions that players are sure to enjoy, such as a fresh method for enchanting gear and a challenging new mission that will occupy them for an extended period.

The Treetop Tangle is a complimentary mission set atop the trees of the Jungle Island in Minecraft Dungeons. While it shares similarities with the other Jungle Awakens missions, it is distinctive in that it introduces a new boss character known as the Treetop Whisperer.

Furthermore, players do not need to purchase the Jungle Awakens DLC to access this mission. But to access this mission, players must first complete Creeper Woods.

Minecraft Dungeons: How To Solve The Treetop Tangle

The latest update in Minecraft Dungeons introduces a free mission called the Treetop Tangle, which takes place on Jungle Island and features a massive tree that players can climb.

As players explore this new mission, they will uncover intriguing mysteries that await the courageous adventurers.

Along with the thrilling gameplay, there are also some exciting new gear pieces to be obtained. Completing this mission can earn you the Totem of Casting, Root Rot Armor, and the one-of-a-kind Black Spot Armor.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire | © 2023 Microsoft

Moreover, players do not need to own the Jungle Awakens DLC to access this mission as it is available to everyone.

Here are the basic steps for completing the mission:

  1. Take an exciting journey into the jungle and locate the corrupted tree.
  2. Ascend the corrupted tree to confront the orb's corruption and explore the uprooted village, traverse the canopy, and make one last climb to reach the uprooted temple.
  3. Finally, defeat the temple defenders to successfully complete the quest.

Earn the Treetop Trespasser achievement by finishing Treetop Tangle while donning the Root Rot armor, granting you 10G and a Bronze trophy.

Alternatively, complete Treetop Tangle on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty to earn the Treetop Untangled achievement, awarding you 20G and a Bronze trophy.

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