Meet Your Maker In-Progress Review: Doom X Mario Maker Is Hella Fun For The Moment

Meet Your Maker, the new multiplayer game by Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive, is now out, including a spot in the current PS Plus line-up. In our review, you can see why we had such a good time with this unique and strange game – even if he had some issues.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker Review: A strange but wonderful game. | © Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker (MYM) is a strange game. It is set in a weird post-apocalypse a la Mad Max, full of disturbing alien creatures, human sacrifices and torturous design. The gameplay loop between raiding other players' outposts and building your own ones is weird as well, but in a unique, intriguing and ultimately very rewarding way.

While it can take a bit to fully get into the new game by Behaviour Interactive, the makers of Dead by Daylight, once you do, it's truly a joy to behold. We had a fantastic time with Meet Your Maker so far – but have some worries as well.

Meet Your Maker Review – Raiders of the Lost GenMat

The raiding is what you will first do for a bit when you start Meet Your Maker. The idea is pretty simple: other players have built outposts, containing genetic material, or GenMat, which you need to find and bring back to your base. The outposts can range from tiny houses to giant complexes, full of traps, enemy guards and tricky design.

MYM Screenshot 03 Chimera
The world in Meet Your Maker is really strange. | © Behaviour Interactive

The first-person action gameplay part of the game is fun and fast-paced. The weapons, of which there are unfortunately only a handful in the game, feel great and look cool as hell, thanks to the game's weirdo sci-fi design. It's not quite the same thing, but this part of game reminded us of the recent DOOM games.

It's not quite as full-on, as you usually only deal with a few enemies or traps (which you can destroy with your guns) at a time, but the grimy look and fast tempo reminded us more than once of Id Software and their recent slate of games. Oh, and full love for the great and fluid movement. There's a grappling hook. What's not to love?

The raiding part of Meet Your Maker is really fun. Seeing what other players could come up with and making your way through these levels was always entertaining and engaging during our time with the game.

Meet Your Maker Review – Minecraft + Mario Maker = Profit

The building part of the game is what really gives MYM its ultimate unique spin. In Mario Maker style you make the levels which are played in the game. A selection of raids, which the game curates for you, is available in your home base. These are ordered by difficulty, with the easiest bunch usually being very quick and without too much danger, and the harder levels offering a real challenge.

You can also directly select the levels your friends made. Like I said, strong Mario Maker vibes. Just with a lot more dirt and blood attached to everything.

MYM Screenshot 10 New Raiding Coop Raiding
Everything is more fun with friends. | © Behaviour Interactive

Completing raids earns you resources, which you can use to upgrade your gear or unlock new items. You can make your own outpost after gathering enough resources to buy a slot for your new creation. The vibes of the building gameplay are comparable to Minecraft creative mode: you can fly around, place blocks at your will, there's beautiful music playing. It's immediately fun.

But it's also a little overwhelming at first. There's a lot you can do, between changing shapes, a different array of controls, recording guard movements and more. Once you get into it though, it's a ton of fun to build beautiful, messed up and dangerous gauntlets for your fellow players.

And the whole experience is massively enhanced by the co-op mode. During our time with the beta, we had some technical issues while playing with multiple people, but these seem to be largely fixed in the finished product. The game is really elevated by going through the raids with a buddy or cooking up the next ingenious death trap together, this is where MYM really shines.

Meet Your Maker Building
The sky is the limit with the building mode in Meet Your Maker. | © Behaviour Interactive / EarlyGame

Meet Your Maker Review – How Long Will The Fun Last?

MYM is very cool, and the unique mechanics work very well together. The whole system around the different currencies and resources is a bit confusing, but once you realize that raids make numbers go up, you're good to go. And leaving it to players' creativity to provide all kinds of fun and clever levels is amazing.

But for how long will this work out? The building is really solid, but you're not exactly drowned in choices for blocks, decals and more. Still, the editor is good enough to keep people happily building away. But, we're a bit more concerned about the raids. The game doesn't offer that many different weapons and pieces of gear, the handful of enemy types are quickly familiar as well.

The fact that every level is unique, and that players can really build some amazing stuff here (we saw giant pyramids, multi-level Quake-like levels, outposts that were shaped like creatures and so much more cool stuff), does feel motivating and entertaining though. At least for a while.

But the overall package does feel a bit thin. At least for now: Behaviour already announced a post-launch DLC roadmap for Meet Your Maker, with free cosmetics and items consistently being added to the game. It's good to see this kind of pipeline already in place, as other online-only games like Halo Infinite and MultiVersus really suffered from a lack of content.

Meet Your Maker Post Launch Roadmap
Meet Your Maker Sector 1: Dreadshore will bring more content to the game. | © Behaviour Interactive

And will this game even find a community? It is really a strange thing, in terms of structure and aesthetics. But the devs already have the pedigree with Dead By Daylight, and it will only take a couple of streamers playing it to give this some steam. Offering the game basically for free via PS Plus was a good move in that regard as well. So there's at least some hope.

Overall, Meet Your Maker is a ton of fun. It might take players a little bit of getting used to the unique spin of the game and the really strange world. But once you're into it, a whole world of fun presents itself to you. We're still a bit worried about the game's longevity though, which is why we won't give out a score for now and why we will revisit this review down the line.

Meet Your Maker is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S and costs $29.99. It's part of the games in PS Plus Essential in April, so you can get it for PlayStation without outright buying it.

Note: The publisher provided us with codes for the PC version.

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