R.I.P Mineplex – Minecraft's Most Popular Server Shutting Down After 10 Years

Minecraft's most popular server Mineplex has shut down forever. The news has just been announced and is devastating fans all over the internet.

Mineplex shutting down
Minecraft server is Mineplex shutting down forever | © Microsoft/Xbox

Minecraft has gone through all kinds of phases and brought together several generations of gamers. Especially due to huge community servers, Minecraft has become somewhat of a meeting place for many friends. One of the most popular Minecraft servers "Mineplex", which has been online for about ten years, is now shutting down forever, leaving fans in mourning.

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Minecraft Server Mineplex Shut Down

Minecraft masterbuilders
Masterbuilder is one of the most loved mini-games | © Mineplex/Image via reddit user: M4j0ra2002

It is a sad day for any OG Minecraft player. Mineplex, one of the most popular servers is now shutting down after running for 10 years. The server was created in 2013 by Gregory Bylos and Spujel, and has served as a meeting point among many players.

Mineplex's shut down had been announced on their Discord server, stating that they regret having to close the server and that they wish things had been different.

It was one of the top servers for Minecraft and also one of the few official partners of Mojang. In its peak, Mineplex had millions of active players and even set a Guinness World Record in 2015.

We all associate this server with very nostalgic memories, be it the countless rounds of Masterbuilder or the servers' classic Skywars. Believe it or not, this was a place where lifelong friendships were formed. With all that... Mineplex will always be treasured in our memories.

R.I.P 2013 ~ 2023

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