Minecraft Legends: How To Fast Travel

Minecraft Legends' release is already around the corner, and in order to protect our land in the best way possible, we'll have to move quickly between attacks all over the map. Here you can get all the information about the fast traveling in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends: How to use the fast traveling | © Mojang

Minecraft Legends has a huge map to discover and explore. With so many possible points of attack, it's hard to keep track and defend them all at the same time.

For shorter distances, your mount can probably serve you well, but it won't get you to the other end of the map as quickly as you might need it. Luckily, other than in its predecessor, you have the luxury to fast travel across the map at an instant by unlocking villages or by building wellsprings.

Minecraft Legends: How To Fast Travel

Like I just mentioned, there are two ways how you can fast travel in Minecraft Legends:

  • teleporting to a village
  • building and traveling between wellsprings

The first three travel points are rather easy to unlock, by just playing the opening sequence. To be able to use villages as travel destinations, you have to first save and discover them. After your job is done, you can go back to them whenever you feel the need to.

Minecraft Legends map
Minecraft Legends: Explore different zones around the map | © Mojang

The second option works a little differently. There are also, besides villages, other locations on the map, which will be important for you. To reach them quickly, you can build wellsprings. These require a good amount of materials, that you have to gather first.

But be careful, especially when you are still at the beginning of the game, it is not always wise to use the teleport points permanently. You are likely to miss a lot of chests and materials on the way, which you can find by exploring the world by foot.

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Minecraft Legends: How To Build A Wellspring

Most resources for wellsprings are fairly easy to find and collect. You will need:

  • Wood: x250
  • Stone: x250
  • Iron: x75
  • Prismarine: x50

The main difficulty here is probably finding the Prismarines. Compared to the other materials, they are rather rare in nature and very precious. Among other things, they are essential to strengthen your abilities, and it is up to the player where to set priorities at the beginning.

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You can acquire Prismarines from destroying Piglin buildings or you if you are lucky you can search for them in Allay Chests, which spawn all around the world.

If you have trouble finding all the materials you need, you can check out our guide on where to find all resources in Minecraft Legends: Minecraft Legends: All Resource Locations

You can now teleport or respawn at any of your travel points! Be sure to keep an eye out for more guides around Minecraft Legends. We will fuel you with all the knowledge you need to save the world from the Piglins.

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