Minecraft Legends: All Resource Locations

This article provides a guide for Minecraft Legends players on how to collect resources and navigate the game map to find them, including information on the biomes where resources spawn and the various methods for obtaining them.

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Minecraft Legends: All Resource Locations | © Mojang

In Minecraft Legends, unlike in the original game, you don't have to physically gather resources yourself. Instead, you build small structures that collect the resources for you. To unlock these buildings, you must first construct the corresponding improvement in your base. The more improvements you build, the higher your maximum capacity for that resource becomes.

Additionally, when you construct an improvement for the first time, you receive 25 units of the respective resource. In the campaign mode, each improvement costs 100 stone and 100 Prismarine.

If you've played Minecraft before, you're likely familiar with the primary resources you need to collect in Minecraft Legends. However, the ores in this game are on the surface, so you don't need to dive into caves to collect them. Nevertheless, you'll still need to know where to look to find the resources you need.

While each world in Minecraft Legends is randomly generated, specific ores spawn only in certain biomes. Therefore, to make resource gathering easier, we'll guide you through every biome and show you where to find each resource in Minecraft Legends.

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Minecraft Legends: All Resource Locations

In Minecraft Legends the resource locations are important because they determine where players can find and collect the different materials and items needed for crafting, building, and surviving. Each resource has a specific biome where it spawns, so players need to know where to look to find the resources they need.

Wood and stone resources are readily available in all biomes. However, other resources like iron, coal, diamond, and redstone have specific biomes where they can be found.

To unlock these resources, you'll need to construct buildings in your base and pay the necessary costs in stone, wood, and Prismarine. Additionally, Lapis and Prismarine resources are available right from the start, while Gold resources are only available from destroyed Piglin mines in campaign mode.

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Minecraft Legends: Resources and Locations | © Mojang
  • Wood and stone resources are available everywhere in Minecraft Legends right from the start.
  • Iron: Can be found in Fatelands, Forests, and Dry Savannah biomes, and you'll need 400 stone, 200 wood, and 10 Prismarine to unlock them.
  • Coal: Can be found in meadows and Badlands, and you'll need 600 stone, 300 wood, and 25 Prismarine to unlock them.
  • Diamond: Can be found in Tundra and Mountain biomes, and you'll need 600 stone, 300 wood, and 25 Prismarine to unlock them.
  • Redstone: Can be found in Swamp and Jungle biomes, and you'll need 600 stone, 300 wood, and 25 Prismarine to unlock them.
  • Lapis: Are available from defeated Piglins and can be found in Village Chests.
  • Prismarine: Are available from destroyed Piglin buildings and search for it in Allay Chests (they are randomly spawned worldwide + no guarantee that you will find Prismarine in every chest)
  • Gold: Are available from destroyed Piglin mines, raid Piglin Bases and kill Piglins.

Minecraft Legends: Map To Navigate To The Resources You Need

In Minecraft Legends, the map is an essential tool that can help players navigate and explore the vast world. One of the helpful features of the map is the legend, which displays the different icons representing biomes and locations for resources. The legend provides a quick and easy way to locate the specific biomes that players need to find for collecting resources.

Each biome in Minecraft Legends has its own set of resources that can be obtained by mining or harvesting. For example, diamonds can be found in the Tundra and Mountains biomes, while redstone is abundant in the Swamp and Jungle biomes. By using the legend on the map, players can quickly identify the biomes they need to locate to collect the resources they require.

Minecraft Legends Resources Map
Minecraft Legends: All Ressource Locations on the map | © Mojang

Furthermore, players can use the map to mark the locations of the resources they have discovered. This allows them to return to those locations in the future and collect more resources if needed. It is important to note that the map only displays a portion of the world, and players will need to explore further to uncover all the biomes and locations.

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