Minecraft Legends: How To Control Mobs

This article is all about controlling mobs in Minecraft Legends, including how to move them around, make them target specific enemies or buildings, and the different commands that can be used to control them.

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Minecraft Legends: How To Control Mobs | © Mojang

In Minecraft Legends, players have the ability to control mobs either individually or as a group. However, it can be difficult to understand how to give orders to your minions and golems, as they will only receive commands if they are within a certain proximity to the player. To help players understand how to properly control their mobs in Minecraft Legends, we will delve into the control system and explain how to move minions around and target specific enemies or buildings.

It's important to note that giving orders is a somewhat vague process, as orders will only be heard by nearby mobs and golems. If they are too far away, they won't receive the commands. Nonetheless, understanding how to control your mobs is crucial in Minecraft Legends, as it is impossible to defeat the Piglin and Nether hordes alone.

Without specific orders, your mobs won't have any sense of strategy and won't know what to attack. These control mechanisms will also come in handy in the chaos of multiplayer mode or in the challenging Lost Legends and Myths like Minecraft Legends Portal Pile.

Minecraft Legends: How To Control Mobs

To control and direct mobs in Minecraft Legends, players can use various commands. The primary control mechanics are "X to rally" and "Y to charge." Players can rally friendly mobs in their immediate vicinity by pressing X on their controller and make them charge forward by pressing Y. The mobs attack anything in their way during the charge.

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Minecraft Legends: Control your mobs | © Mojang

Here is a list of the possible controls:

  • Rally: Have all nearby mobs follow you.
  • Quick Direct: Put down a flag a short way ahead that all nearby mobs head towards.
  • Banner View: Select target and/or location by holding down RT button.
  • Charge: Send one mob to the area selected, attacking any enemy they encounter by holding RT and pressing B.
  • Group Charge: Send all mobs to the area selected, attacking any enemy they encounter by holding RT and B buttons.
  • Focus Target: Send one mob to attack the specific location, enemy or building selected by holding RT and pressing Y.
  • Group Focus Target: Send all mobs to attack the specific location, enemy or building selected by holding RT and Y buttons.
  • Type Select: Choose a specific type of mob for either the Charge or Focus Target, or group variant orders using the D-pad.

As the player's army grows bigger and more complex, they can use the game's Strategy Mode to control mobs better. To activate the Strategy Mode, players can hold down the right trigger on their controller. In this mode, players can see "Charge" and "Focus Target" as two options of direction.

The player can highlight a spot on the field and press B once to have a single mob charge to the designated area. If players want the whole army to charge to a specified point, holding B will direct the entire army to charge to the highlighted area.

The Focus command comes into play when players need to split their army. While in the Strategy Mode, players can press Y on an enemy Piglin or structure to have one mob focus their attack on the intended target. Players can also direct friendly mobs in their immediate vicinity to concentrate their attacks on a specific enemy or structure by holding down Y on the intended target.

Using the Charge command in the Strategy Mode is helpful for assaulting Piglin outposts when players need mobs to move quickly and without rallying. Breaking up the army and focusing on multiple targets in this manner is a great way to ensure mobs stay efficient and won't get wiped by large AOE attacks in Minecraft Legends' single-player and PvP.

Why Are Mobs Not Following My Orders?

If your minions, including mobs and golems, are not following your instructions, it's likely because they are too far away from you. Your minions need to be in close proximity to hear your commands. If they are not responding to your orders, pause and ensure they are near enough that they do not need to catch up before trying again.

Additionally, if you want to direct all your minions to Charge or Focus on a target, ensure you hold down the button to give the order to all of them, and choose the appropriate mob type with Type Select to ensure you have the most effective minions for the task at hand.

Alternatively, your minions may not be able to follow your orders due to some hindrances. For instance, mobs cannot traverse certain terrains like lava, and if they are directed to attack a heavily guarded target like the Minecraft Legends Nether Portal, they may not know what to do. In such cases, adjust your approach to enable your minions to execute your commands successfully.