Leak Reveals New Monster Hunter Game

A leak revealed the name of the next, unannounced Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter Leak
The next Monster Hunter game after Rise has leaked. | © Capcom

Monster Hunter finally had its big crossover success with the releases of World and Rise. People finally love the hunt and they want more. That's why people are clamoring for new Monster Hunter games and chasing down every hint towards a new release. Now we finally got the biggest one in a while.

A new Monster Hunter game has been leaked on the internet, and we even got some more info on it.

Monster Hunter Game Leaks Through Discord

A new game called Monster Hunter Paradise was leaked through Discord. The find was documented on Twitter, you can check out the original tweet on the leak here:

So far, Monster Hunter Paradise hasn't been announced by publisher and developer Capcom. Fans have immediately been busy with speculation as to what "Paradise" could be.

World came out in 2018 and we know that Capcom have been working on a sequel. So Paradise could be that game. However, it could also be one of many spin-offs of the MH series, like Monster Hunter Stories. Or an entirely new off-shoot like Rise. But we don't know yet, as we only know the name Paradise so far.

Considering that this popped up in the Discord databases, we assume that Paradise will be announced at some point soon, maybe at the Tokyo Game Show or Gamescom this summer.