MyEarlyGame Giveaway Winner for March 2022

Every month, EarlyGame is having the MyEarlyGame Giveaway powered by none other than HyperX. Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the March MyEarlyGame Giveaway!

MyEarlyGame Giveaway March
Who won in March? | © HyperX

MyEarlyGame might just be the coolest feature a website could have. No, seriously. Browsing the website ad-free? Pretty standard and expected. Customizing the website to your desire, seeing only the games that you’re interested in? Already cooler. Taking part in every MyEarlyGame giveaway automatically, without having to lift a finger? Now you’re sold, right?

MyEarlyGame Giveaway September
This and so much more with MyEarlyGame!

Let’s congratulate the winner for our MyEarlyGame Giveaway powered by HyperX for March!

If you didn't win the one in March, then why don't you sign up now and have a chance to win the one in April. Simply click on the image below, and it takes you to where you need to go!

Microsoft Teams image 62
Another chance to win! | © HyperX