Need For Speed Unbound Gameplay Leaked By YouTuber, Fans Disappointed

Need for Speed Unbound gameplay has been leaked by a YouTuber ahead of release. Sadly, fans are largely disappointed with the gameplay, and we can see why.

Need for Speed Unbound Coverart
Need for Speed Unbound looks set to disappoint this Christmas. | © EA

Need for Speed Unbound was unlikely to ever "blow us away", but we agreed with the community that it looked promising. From all the promotional material it seemed like NFS Unbound was adopting a playful new style. Given that the franchise can no longer compete with more serious offerings like F1, we thought this was a refreshing and intelligent design philosophy.

But, as revealed by leaked gameplay ahead of release, NFS Unbound looks frankly mediocre. The graffiti art-style, and pointless RPG elements are actually very generic in execution, and the racing mechanics themselves look technological retrograde. Especially in the genre of racing games, NFS Unbound is up against some truly next-gen experiences, and based on this gameplay at least, we're quite certain it's going to fail. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let's get to the leaked gameplay.

NFS Unbound Gameplay Leaked On YouTube

YouTuber "Mr Carrot" has recently uploaded a full 20 minutes of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay... and it looks very disappointing. We can see the player make a few modifications to their car and enter a street race, as well as a little exploration around the Chicago-inspired city, Lakeshore.

You can watch the gameplay here, or at least it hadn't been removed at the time of writing (November 26, 2022):

It's just so... meh. Nothing feels wholly original or inspired, and worst of all it just looks dull to play. If you're going to abandon realistic driving mechanics to lean into a more playful design, then you really need to deliver on "fun". But, we'll hold off on anything like a review until the full release.

Are you disappointed by Need for Speed Unbound? Or were you happy with what you saw? If you're still interested you can pick up a copy of NFS Unbound here, and if you're not then why not check out some of the games in the current Steam sale?

Don't worry! NFS Unbound is far from the only game releasing this fall...

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