First Screenshots Of Need for Speed Unbound Leaked

Need for Speed Unbound screenshots have been accidentally leaked, and you'll be pleased to know the game's new direction looks promising. Let's take a look.

Need for Speed Unbound Screenshots
Need for Speed Unbound looks incredible. | © EA

A short while ago we discovered some of the first details regarding the new Need for Speed game: Unbound. What we heard at the time described Need for Speed Unbound as if it was going to play like Mario Kart. As fun as that sounded, we didn't expect them to lean into the cartoon art-style 100%, we expected more of a hybrid. But oh boy were we wrong. We've just seen some screenshots of Need for Speed Unbound, and it looks like they're completed committed to taking the franchise in a less serious direction. Let's take a look!

Need for Speed Unbound Screenshots

The Japanese site Neowing accidentally shared images of Need for Speed Unbound ahead of an embargo, and while they've now removed the images from their site, some helpful Need for Speed fans saved and re-uploaded the images online. We've decided not to host the images ourselves, for obvious reasons, but they're still publically available via Imgur at the time of writing, October 6.

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Hardcore racer fans might hate me for saying this, but I love the new look. For the more serious racers we already have games like F1 (which we reviewed very positively), and if that's not "real" enough there's a live-action Gran Turismo film coming next year. So why shouldn't Need for Speed provide a racing games for the more casual audience?

What do you think about the look of Need for Speed Unbound? Promising, or a travesty?