Leak: Midnight Club 5 Is In Development

A job posting seems to confirm that a new Midnight Club is in development. Here's what we know about Midnight Club 5 really happening.

Midnight club 5
Midnight Club 5 should take some cues from GTA. | © 2k, Take-Two, Rockstar

Another job listing leak, this time coming from Take-Two's very own Visual Concepts, which, for the uninitiated, is the dev behind the NBA 2K franchise. Here's the revealing tweet:

Midnight Club 5 In Development?

So let's unwrap this: A Triple-A title that is coming to multiple platforms has been in development since 2019. It's a major franchise, multiplayer, and for all ages... and it's an open-world driving game? Yes, that's definitely Midnight Club 5. Oh, and if you're thinking "duh, there's a picture, fool", the picture in the tweet, and above, is not official artwork, hence why I pointed at the writing on the wall from the official job listing.

If you're interested in the job listing, you can view it here. The link links to the producer position, but Visual Concept is also looking for a Senior Technical Artist, a Senior Build and Automation Engineer, a Senior Software Engineer, and an Engineer for Multiplayer.

If you're not familiar with Midnight Club, then think something along the lines of Need for Speed, and Fast & Furious, and you're right on the money. What will be interesting to see is if we finally get a racing game that switches the formula up a little for once. Too many racing games just have you racing around an open world, getting from one race to another. Why not take the Fast & Furious formula a step further, and actually include outside-of-the-car-gameplay? I guess that would make it a lot like GTA, but who's to say a more racing-focused GTA in the vein of Fast & Furious would be a bad thing? Besides, Rockstar is involved in the development of Midnight Club, so there's literally no game better suited.