Gran Turismo 7 Full Reveal: Over 400 Cars & 90 Tracks!

Gran Turismo 7 was revealed at the Sony State of Play, and we summarize everything we need to know.

Gran turismo 7 reveal release date trailer cars tracks
It does look pretty. Very pretty. | © Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 got its first full reveal at the Sony State of Play, and... well, it's Gran Turismo. Like... it's the same as every single Gran Turismo. But I'm getting ahead of myself: Here are the catchphrases that the show started off with. Warning: Generic alert.

  • It's the GT for everybody that never got into contact with the automotive industry before
  • It's the driving simulator for all
  • GT7 is an entry point for new players
  • It's the pinnacle of Gran Turismo
  • There are over 400 cars
  • 34 locations with over 90 layouts – both real world and fantasy, with classic tracks returning
  • More cars and tracks will be added in future updates

Gran Turismo 7 Showcase, Trailer & Release Date

Gran Turismo 7 will be released on March 4, 2022, and here is the full gameplay reveal trailer, or rather, the entire 47-minute reveal showcase.

Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Mode Revealed

In the campaign mode, there's a world map which you can see on the map screen. From here you have access to all the various features. If you ever played a cheap Japanese dating sim... that's what it looks like. At the beginning of the campaign, you'll be buying a cheap car, and from here you participate in races to get money for upgrades, and, ultimately, better cars. It's in essence the classic Gran Turismon campaign mode you know from previous entries.

But, of course, there are new features that differentiate GT7, like the Gran Turismo café which serves as a campaign hub point. Again... if you ever played a cheap dating sim with faces and non-audible dialogue text, and a hub from where you meet your dating options... that's what it looks like...

If you can tell by my tone that I'm underwhelmed, that's because I am. This is Gran Turismon again. There's nothing modern about this except the graphics. Unless you consider not walking but browsing through a visually half-realized café or a mall a revolution. To be fair, though, those graphics are quite something: Cars look photo-realistic, and the weather... wow... Like, that's a serious wow. The weather mechanics are so in-depth that clouds change differently in Japan than in California. Stars move realistically, as does the sun, the moon and everything else. It's honestly quite impressive.

Is Gran Turismo 7 Revolutionary?

Well, let's put it this way: Character creation? No. Walking around a hub world? No. Voice-acting? No. Innovative gameplay features? No. Pretty graphics? Hell yes. Ray-tracing? Omg, yes. The same in-depth tuning you've come to expect from GT? Yes (with oil change and limitless stickering! wow...)- Car viewer and replay mode, so prewty you can spend hours watching cars as if they were real? Yes. The best weather and environmental effects in all of gaming? Yes.

There, that's Gran Turismo 7 in a nutshell: It's the same as every year, just with a face-lift, that's, superficially, as good as it can get. Car maniacs will get their tuning and car fix, for sure, but should still feel cheated that GT 7 brings nothing new to the table. It just... resets the table in a better way than before.