New Blade Runner Game Leaked

Blade Runner was rumored to happen in the past, but now, according to a new leak, we know when the game will finally hit our screens. Just how legit is this leak, though?
Blade runner release date leak
Are you surprised by the release date? | © Warner Bros

Do you remember Blade Runner? I'm sure you do, the last version of Blade Runner released in 2017 and had a solid 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not so bad, actually. But Blade Runner goes way back, the first memorable one being the one from 1982. Ever since then, people have become obsessed with the Cyberpunk theme.

Many tried to copy it and just as many failed (sorry, CDPR, the joke will never get old), so a Blade Runner game that's being released in modern times like today can be hit or miss.

We've reported on a Blade Runner Tabletop RPG in the past, but this game seems to be a different one. Why? Because 110 Industries is apparently the company that will develop this game. They've allegedly acquired the rights to the franchise and have begun working on a new Blade Runner game.

When Will The New Blade Runner Game Release?

According to Tom Henderson, who went onto Try Hard Guides, the game will release in 2025. Given that 110 Industries apparently only just now acquired the rights to Blade Runner, the game will be in early development and the release date is subject to change.

Again, we know barely anything about the game other than that it will come and that 110 Industries will develop it. Not a lot, but something. I, for one, am quite happy with this. Sure, you will need to have your salt ready in case this turns out to be fake (though Tom Henderson is very reliable when it comes to leaks), but a Blade Runner open-world RPG? An Action Adventure? Sign me up.