Leak: Blizzard Is Working On New Game – Starcraft Mobile?

Just a couple of days ago, Blizzard revealed an upcoming survival game, and now a leaker claims that it's not the only new IP that Blizzard is working on.

Blizzard new game
A new addition to the Blizzardverse? | © VGC, Blizzard

Blizzard is on one these days. Just a couple of days ago, they unveiled a new IP they're working on: A survival game set in an entirely new universe. That's a big deal, because Blizzard doesn't create new IPs often: Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft are the pillars of Blizzard, and Overwatch still feels like the new Blizzard IP, even though it's already 6 years old. So to have them reveal a new IP in a new universe is quite something. Now, a leaker suggests something that is even more... quite... something (most logically placed somethings ever?).

Blizzard Has Another Unannounced Game in Development

Honestly, that headline is about all we know. Jez Corden doesn't go into any details, because he claims he literally isn't allowed to, but he swears on the fact that Blizzard is working on two new IPs. You can listen to him talk about it in his podcast here:

According to him, Blizzard is sitting on a very strong roadmap, which of course, only benefits us gamers: We can look forward to a lot of quality games from one of gaming's best.

Now, of course, the interesting bit is the speculating: What could it be? There's no word on this being a new IP, so it could also be a sequel or spin-off to a known game. Starcraft 3? Starcraft mobile? The latter seems very likely, seeing how big the mobile market is, and considering that Blizzard has already dipped more than a toe in that pool with the upcoming Diablo Immortal. While a mobile game will probably disappoint most, I definitely wouldn't mind: Smartphones aren't going anywhere, and gaming on them can be amazing. The main reason mobile has such a bad rep is that it's become overcrowded with cheap developers. Having more and more big time game developers make games for mobile might just change the perception of mobile gaming. Besides... Starcraft or Warcraft on mobile? I need that in my life.