New God of War Game In The Making? Sony Is Looking For Fulltime Combat Designer

After the great success of God of War and its sequel God of War Ragnarok, fans already hoped and predicted a successor. Now with the last leak on Twitter, we most likely have some evidence.

God Of War
Can we expect a new God of War? |© Sony Santa Monica

With the success of God of War and its sequel God of War Ragnarok, Sony almost have to work on a followup to one of their Bestsellers. Even an Amazon TV series about the story of Kratos is in production. Before the release of the sequel Ragnarok, fans already predicted another game. Now we get a new hint that Sony is planing on a new part.

New God of War Game: Could We Get Another Instalment?

Sony Santa Monica'a lead Combat Designer Rob Meyer tweeted that "there are Combat Design openings at Sony Santa Monica's career page".

This tweet, combined with the job criteria to have knowledge of God of War's and God of War Ragnaroks combat system, mechanics and enemies, made an incoming new God Of War game more likely than ever. Also, the search of multiple designers underlines that theory.

As we know, the Studio is currently developing three games, including one lead by the Game Designer of God of War, Cory Barlog. Since the game he is working on is not announced yet, we can assume it might be a new God of War, probably with Kratos's son Atreus as protagonist.

In the end, we can only guess and hope that a new God of War is in the making. It could also be a new DLC or another sequel to the game. However, it is not certain. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if there is more Information about another God of War, we will keep you updated.

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