Skull and Bones Beta: Release Date, Starting Time & How To Get Early Access

The open world pirate game with epic sea battles, treasure hunts and more – Skull and Bones – is about to give players a first hands-on experience. After the game was delayed multiple times, the pirate fans finally get access to the beta.

Skull And Bones Beta
Skull and Bones Beta we finally get a first glance of the game |© Ubisoft

Is Skull and Bones finally coming? After multiple delays, Ubisoft has finally announced a closed beta! That gives hope for all pirate fans that the game will launch in a foreseeable future. The expectations for the game are high, especially since the last time Ubisoft tackled a pirate themed game with Assassin's Creed Blackflag they did a great job.

Skull and Bones Beta

Since the reveal in 2017 there has been more or less pure radio silence from the Skull and Bones team. Now at least some players have the chance to take a look at the game. The closed beta is playable from August 25 until August 28, 2023. The beta will only be open for PC. Registerd players can preload the game on August 22

The trailer for the beta reveals epic open sea adventures, combat and loot. The Skull and Bones beta also promises testers the access to co-op with other players and friends. I am sure tackling the game together will be fun. We will be delighted to get some feedback from the players testing the game soon.

Skull and Bones Release

As for now, we can't tell when the game will be released. It is not very likely for the game to be released in 2023. Still, the beta is a good indicator and gives us hope that the game will be launched in 2024. At least we already know the game will be shipped for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S.

Skull and Bones Early Access

Skull and Bones is already available on Ubisoft Store, where you can buy the game to get early access. On top of that, if you pre-order the game you gain access to some special goodies, and you have the chance to play the closed beta as long as it's open. So better be quick!

We will keep you updated about release dates and hope to give you more information about Skull and Bones after the Beta took place.

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