Huge Skull & Bones Leak: Gameplay, Combat & More

Skull & Bones is the upcoming pirate game from Ubisoft, and, like most games, it got hit with a leak.
Skull bones gameplay leak
I see the skull, and I raise you... bones. | © Ubisoft

How long has Skull & Bones been in development? It feels like forever. Or maybe that's just me, because I've literally been waiting for a good pirate game since the first Pirates of the Carribbean. Yeah, sure, Assassin's Creed gave us a decent taste, but I need something epic... I need Skull & Bones. And, if the leaks are anything to go by, it looks like the game will deliver.

Skull & Bones Gameplay Leaked

Mind you, we have no idea which version of Skull & Bones this is. The game's been through several stages of development, after its first announcement in 2018. It does seem likely, however, that this leak is from a recent playtesting session.

Sadly, the leaked footage is being taken down with some urgency, but I'm sure googling it will yield results. Since you're already here though: What we see revolves around a hub area, similar to what you get in Destiny, where you can craft items, visit shops, and all that usual stuff. The hub is called Sainte-Anne, and is meant to socialize and to build groups of up to 3 players.

From there, you head out to complete quests, that revolve heavily around naval battles, which are much more complex than what Assassin's Creed offered us in the past. This gameplay loop is the majority of the game: Do quest, sail, battle on the water, attack forts and settlements, raid NPC ships, get a bigger ship, and take part in World Events.

There are also survival elements in play: Players have to make sure they always have their ship stocked up on resources - food and drink - to keep the crew happy. All of this can be done solo, but each mission still comes with a recommended number of players.

After 8 years of development, we still don't have a release date for Skull & Bones, which is shaping up to either be a huge disappointment, or become one of the biggest games of the decade. I'm hoping for the latter...