Sony Will Force Devs To Offer Game "Trials", Massive Win For Consumers

An ex-developer has now confirmed rumors that Sony will be offering PS+ subscribers "trials" for every game. These trials will allow customers to test games without buying them.
PlayStation Plus Game Trials
This a huge win for customers. | © Sony

Cast your memory back to the late 2000s; playing online is completely free with PlayStation, Modern Warfare 2 has just been released, and NFTs haven't been conceived of. It's a simpler, better time. You might also remember that at this point, Sony are offering people limited time trials in their store, so that customers can play the first few hours of a game before deciding whether to buy it or not. It's a fantastic idea, but a scheme like that would be too generous to imagine in 2022, surely? Well, apparently not.

Sony To Offer Game Trials

Gautoz, a former writer for Gamekult, has confirmed that Sony will be creating trial versions of every game in their store, so that customers can play for a limited period without paying. In the tweet, he also confirmed that developers themselves won't need to do anything to make this happen, because Sony will sort out generating the trial versions of each game.

Here's his original Tweet:

And the translation for those of us who don't speak French:

I take this opportunity to refine a subject: I have confirmation that by default the future PS+ Premium limited time trial program will not impose additional work on the studios.

The devs provide the usual full game, Playstation takes care of generating the trial version.

This will not be reflected in the PlayStation Store for quite a while, but it's still a huge step in the right direction for consumers.

What would you get a trial of first? Perhaps an old classic? Or maybe this year's Game of the Year?