Skull & Bones Playtester: "In 6 hours I didn't have one moment that felt genuinely fun."

Despite being delayed six times, Ubisoft's Skull & Bones will eventually be released. In fact, a near-complete version of the game is already being playtested. But sadly, one of the playtesters recently leaked their thoughts on the game, and it sounds... terrible.

You would be mistaken for thinking Ubisoft had cancelled Skull & Bones. They recently axed a number of projects, and from the sounds of it this should have been one of them. But no, they only chose to delay it (for the sixth time).

Not familiar with Skull & Bones? It's basically just the sailing elements from AC 3 and AC Black Flag, but expanded upon to make a whole game. And if that description makes you curious about the game, wait until you hear what playtesters had to say...

Skull & Bones Playtester Shares Disappointment

A person claiming to be a playtester for Skull & Bones took to Reddit last night to share their thoughts about the 6-hour play session they were involved with, and put simply: the game sound terrible. The playtester claims that they were allowed to play for six hours total, the first hour of which was basically a tutorial.

Once you're through to the game proper, it sounds like all you can do is the same repetitive fetch quests to slowly upgrade your ship. The actual naval combat was described as complex, but boring until you have a decent ship (approx 20 hours of playtime).

As the supposed playtester wrote:

Thats essentially what this game is. Go do fetch quests again and again so you can slowly get better gear and eventually hope the game gets fun. In 6 hours I didnt have one moment that felt genuinely fun.

Oh, and there is already a battlepass and premium currency in the game. Because the 60 dollar price tag apparently isnt enough.

As many commentors agreed, Skull & Bones could have been the spiritual successor to Assassin's Creed Black Flag, but in its current state it will undoubtedly be a flop.

We're sorry to be the bearers of such disappointing news, but was anyone really expecting this game to be good? And, will any of you still buy it? Perhaps, by way of goodbye, we can leave you with the far more positive news that details are already emerging about The Last of Us Season 2.

I guess Skull & Bones is another reason why everyone hates pirate games...

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