Skull & Bones: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

After numerous delays, Skull & Bones looks to have an official release date after nearly ten years of development. There have been multiple changes made to Skull & Bones since the game was originally announced in 2017, and we're here to break those changes down for you!

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones was announced at the 2017 E3 Conference, with an original launch date of 2018. Unfortunately, production concerns caused this open-world adventure game to be delayed. It wouldn’t be until September 2020 that Ubisoft released an update, clarifying that Skull & Bones is heading in a new direction.

Ubisoft hasn’t identified the details of this new direction. However, we’ve learned that Skull & Bones will focus on multiplayer gameplay instead of a campaign. This might disappoint some players that wanted an open-world adventure game similar to Pirates of the Caribbean. But don’t worry, Ubisoft has promised there will be a campaign in Skull & Bones. Unfortunately, it seems that the campaign will be short-lived.

Since announcing the rebranding of Skull & Bones, Ubisoft has launched the Insider Program for beta testing purposes. As such, inside sources have suggested that we’ll shortly be getting our first glimpse into the updated version of Skull & Bones.

It’s speculated that Ubisoft will announce more information on Skull & Bones in 2022. Until then, we’ve compiled what information is available for this pirate-themed video game. We hope that by reading our analysis, you’ll gain a greater sense of what Skull & Bones offers.

Update July 7: A gameplay trailer was released on July 7, and it revealed quite a lot about how this game will work. You can watch the trailer below.

When Is The Skull & Bones Release Date?

Skull & Bones will launch on November 8, 2022. It’s expected that Skull & Bones will launch on every console, including next-generation products like the PlayStation5.

You can read all about the release date confirmation here.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Skull & Bones

Numerous changes have been made to Skull & Bones since it was initially announced in 2017. Originally, development began in 2013 when Ubisoft Singapore wanted to make an expansion for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Eventually, that expansion became large enough to support its own game.

That’s where the development concerns began, as Ubisoft Singapore changed the location for Skull & Bones on multiple occasions. It was first set within the Caribbean Ocean before moving to an unrealistic location named Hyperborea. Eventually, Ubisoft Singapore settled on the Indian Ocean.

After the location was selected, multiple changes were made to the gameplay. It was initially meant to focus on naval exploration and combat, but that changed when Ubisoft Singapore felt ground-based gameplay was more important.

Skull Bones FP
You can choose to compete as a male or female captain during the golden age of piracy. | @ Ubisoft

We don’t know where this game stands, as nobody has seen Ubisoft’s new vision for Skull & Bones. However, Ubisoft Berlin is assisting Ubisoft Singapore in developing this nautical-themed game. As such, we have greater faith in Skull & Bones.

As the trailer confirms, Skull & Bones will be a pirate-themed MMO. You will start exploring the region as an insignificant character without even a raft. You’ll need to build these rafts into fishing vessels by implementing upgrades, and over time, an incredible pirate ship will be constructed.

These are the different types of shipping vessels you can acquire:

  • Cargo
  • Combat
  • Exploration

You’ll need to venture towards various settles and purchase blueprints to unlock these categories. Over time, these shipping vessels can be customized and upgraded with improved armor. Once you’ve created the ultimate Pirate Ship, Madagascar will become unlocked as a social haven. It’s here that you’ll meet like-minded players for raids and side-missions.

Will Skull & Bones Have A TV Show?

Ubisoft isn’t developing Skull & Bones as solely a video game, as this IP is also being designed as a television series with Atlas Entertainment. However, there will be notable differences between the game and the show. It’s been announced that this series will be female-driven and focus on the golden age of piracy.

Skull Bones AW
Skull & Bones is slated to have a randomized weather system. That means you need to be prepared for a storm at a moments notice! | @ Ubisoft

Skull & Bones by Atlas Entertainment and Ubisoft will be a female-driven show set within the 1700s. There has been an unforeseen backlash towards this setting and storyline, as the historical accuracy of women thriving in piracy is unrealistic, particularly in the 1700s. Despite that, Atlas Entertainment has greenlit the production of Skull & Bones. We will keep you updated when knowing more information.

Is Skull & Bones Coming To Xbox Series X/S And PC?

Skull & Bones will launch on the Xbox Series X/S and PC in April 2023. However, Ubisoft will launch this upcoming game on the PlayStation5, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. That means both console generations are being supported with this seafaring game.

Ubisoft hasn’t announced if Skull & Bones will have any special editions. Despite the lack of information, it’s rumored that two special editions will launch for this upcoming game. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details on the Skull & Bones Collectors/Special Edition.

Is Skull & Bones Part of The Xbox Game Pass?

We cannot guarantee that Skull & Bones will launch onto the Xbox Game Pass. We’re speculating it’s possible because we have seen Microsoft and Ubisoft partner on multiple occasions to release games like Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction. As such, there’s the possibility that Skull & Bones could launch on the Xbox Game Pass for free download.

Skull Bones SB
Prepare yourselves for hectic battles across the Indian Ocean | @ Ubisoft

Don’t expect that free download to arrive anytime soon. We probably wouldn’t be capable of downloading Skull & Bones until 2024 or later.

Cinematic Trailer

Five years have passed since the cinematic announcement trailer for Skull & Bones. Despite that, the cinematic footage holds up amazingly. It gives you an incredible sense of what this game offers as a seafaring adventure.

We see hundreds of pirates working together before a horrific battle takes place, and the destruction of their ships becomes inevitable. At some point, everyone loses in Skull & Bones. This is a multiplayer game, remember?

Gameplay Trailer

On July 7 we were treated to a gameplay trailer for Skull & Bones, and it looks amazing. Check it out yourself:

As you can see, it's basically an expansion on AC: Black Flag, but that's not a bad thing!

Game System Requirements

Ubisoft hasn’t shown any updated footage of Skull & Bones since announcing this game was heading towards a new direction. Therefore, we cannot realistically provide you with the system requirements. However, updates will be provided once Ubisoft showcases the new version of Skull & Bones.

We hope you've enjoyed our analysis into Skull & Bones, as this game looks to be the perfect follow-up to Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Like come on, aren't you excited to compete against other players in a multiplayer battle of pirate ships? We are!