"Most Poorly Run Project Since Duke Nukem Forever" More Screenshots Leak Of Skull & Bones

Some more screenshots have emerged from Ubisoft's stinker "Skull & Bones". Apparently these images show a current build of the game, which is even more worrying.

Skull Blade leaked
Skull & Blade looks as terrible as the leakers have been claiming. | © Ubisoft

Despite being delayed six times, playtesters claim that Skull & Bones is still in a terrible state. In any other circumstance. the game would have been cancelled by now. But, unfortunately for Ubisoft, the state of Singapore subsidized the project to incentivize the publisher to invest in a Singapore office. This makes simply cancelling the game a lot more complicated.

More screenshots have emerged in the last few days that seem to confirm the narrative: Skull & Bones is not improving despite delays. Will they just sh*t this game out one day and hope everyone forgets? Probably. But for now the devs must soldier on. Anyway, let's take a look at these disappointing screenshots.

Latest Skull & Bones Leak: "With Every Passing Month Cancellation Looks More Likely"

Someone claiming to be friends with a dev working on Skull & Bones posted screenshots of the game on Reddit along with this short message:

After so many delays things are not looking so good, I heard from a friend of a friend that the game might not even be released this year and with every passing month cancellation looks more likely.

And the images seem to confirm the statement:

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Now as we said up top, the deal that Ubisoft made with the government of Singapore makes the whole situation more complicated. But we wouldn't be surprised if they try to come to some kind of agreement that would allow them to cancel the game. We shall keep you updated.

We've been praying for a good pirate game, but sadly Skull & Bones ain't it...

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