Leak Reveals New PS Exclusives From Kojima, Guerrilla & More

A leaked Sony document has revealed a number of unannounced games coming exclusively to PlayStation. It seems like PS-users have a lot to look forward to.

New PS Exclusives
Will exclusives be enough? | © Sony

When deciding which console to get, or whether to get a PC, gamers should consider the exclusive titles for each platform. Back in the golden days of early online gaming, Xbox seemed to have the upper-hand with the likes of Halo, Gears of War, and Project Gotham Racing. But since then the pendulum has swung dramatically in the other direction, thanks to PlayStation's great single-player offerings. And as fantastic as the Xbox Game Pass is, maybe PlayStation can keep winning through exclusives? This newly-revealed batch of titles certainly sound compelling...

Leaked Document Reveals New PlayStation Exclusives

According to the infamous leaker Tom Henderson, a leaked document has revealed several PlayStation exclusives in development, including games from Guerrilla (the Horizon devs) and Kojima. Henderson claims that the document was first shared between journalists and insiders before being posted to 4chan, and it supposedly mentioned the following games:

Horizon OnlineGuerrilla GamesGame as a ServicePC/PS5
HeartbreakFirespriteSurvival HorrorPC/PS5
CarbonSumo DigitalOpen-WorldPS5
RedstarLucid GamesVehicle CombatPS5

Kojima Productions

BatesBallistic MoonSurivial HorrorPC/PS5
CamdenLondon StudioGame as a ServicePC/PS5

Of those, Horizon Online and Ocean (which might simply be what Death Stranding 2 is being code-named) stand out as massive games. These could be enough to win buyers over, although Xbox-users can at least rejoice about the original Death Stranding coming to Game Pass.

But remember, this was an alleged document from a leaker, and so far we've been unable to authenticate any of these games. We think, given Tom Henderson's track record, that this is in fact true. But we can't give you any guarantees at this point.

What do you think about the games? Any that you'd be really excited to play? I'm just happy to see PlayStation fight the "console war" this way; with content, rather than resorting to the kind of shady tactics they've been accused of using down in Brazil.

While the console wars continue, PC-users have been quietly enjoying more and more of these so-called "exclusives"...