Images Leak Of A New PSP Design

PSP Design
Imagine the scratches... | © ZONEofTECH

A potential design for the next generation of Sony's PSP platform has leaked online. The new PlayStation Portable would adopt a very sleek and flat look, but we don't know about the specs inside yet. Here are the details.

The last time PlayStation tried to create a portable console they did a sterling job with the design and the specs. But they've always lacked a catalog of child-friendly games unlike Nintendo, and they sidelined the project very early on in its life. It felt abandoned honestly, but that was tragic because, as we mentioned, the PSP and the Vita looked great and could run some demanding games.

This might be a weird time to try again, but with Sony's dominant grip on the console wars, it might also be a good time to strike. Perhaps they can offer something more mature than the Switch but less expensive than the Steam deck?

The New PSP Design

The creator of ZoneOf Tech was sent images of what appeared to be prototypes for the new PSP. The images had been taken of someone else's laptop screen open, perhaps a worker at Sony spying on another. Anyway, here are the other images of the new PSP design:

As Danny himself says, if these are renders then they're incredibly high quality.

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - for your viewing pleasure:

Can We Trust The New PSP Leak?

These could be faked renders but it's more likely that they are genuine design suggestions. The thing is though, a million and one products like this get to the prototype stage, so while it looks cool Sony might not go anywhere with the idea. Especially as right now seems a strange time to try and compete in the handhold race; a new Switch is coming next year and Steam decks are due even sooner than that.

If they do go ahead with this design, then let's just pray they continue to support the platform more than they did the PS Vita.

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