The Confirmation We've Been Waiting for: New Uncharted Is Real

Uncharted returns, which we now know for sure, thanks to a type-happy new employee. Here's what you need to know.
New uncharted 5 game
It's reall happening. More uncharted... Uncharted. | © Naughty Dog

You gotta love people and their LinkedIn. It's as if some people forget the rules of the internet don't apply, so they just straight up blurt out reveals, that companies themselves hadn't even worked out a marketing plan for. Now, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty is the latest, with this little tidbit:

Her Linked In flat out states that she "finds talent at every level, and it’s unique to be able to create future teams not only for new titles, but also for the Uncharted legacy.".

I mean, don't get me wrong, I yawned twice reading that, because... holy corporate hell, Batman, but still... we're getting a new Uncharted? I'm listening. It's not like I already wrote about Uncharted 5 coming here, and then wrote about it again here, but this one is different: This is a Naughty Dog employee telling us that an Uncharted game is truly coming.

Now this is where we can run wild with speculation: Will it be Nathan Drake again? His daughter? Sam? My heart and my money is with Sam, but... whoever Naughty Dog goes for, you just now the game will be great anyway.

If you want my 2 Cents: Don't call it Uncharted 5. Do what God of War did and continue the franchise, but change the direction. Actually... now that I said that... no, don't change anything. Uncharted is perfect. Remove the driving parts, and give me Sam. Or Nadine. Damn... saying that... yes: how about Nadine? That'll do, yeah. Love it.

Thanks Christine-Marie Drake Brearty.