Bad News for Uncharted Fans

We're all awaiting the next Uncharted, but it seems Naughty Dog has different plans...
Uncharted 5
No Nathan Drake - or any of his family - coming anytime soon. | © Naughty Dog

Alright, pinches of salt out, please, because this one is just all assumption, but... let's start at the beginning: It's been six years since Uncharted 4 was released, and 5 years since the last Uncharted game - that being Lost Legacy. That's insane, considering that prior to that, 8 Uncharted games were released in 10 years. Of course, then, fans are waiting eagerly for news on a new Uncharted - namely Uncharted 5 - and a recent reveal from Naughty Dog had us thinking this is it: They canceled a mobile game, and we thought it was an indicator for Uncharted 5.

Naughty Dog Is Not Working on Uncharted 5

Well, it now turns out that Naughty is actually working on three new games, and we know what all of them are: One is the standalone The Last of Us multiplayer, the other is a fantasy game, while the last one is the remake of the original The Last of Us. With The Last of Us 3 also being rumored to be in the pipeline, that leaves little to no room for a new Uncharted anytime soon.

Told you this was bad news for all Uncharted fans, and unfortunately there is no silver lining to this one, unless.... well, we're still getting new games from Naughty Dog, so that's always a good thing, right?