Nintendo Will Announce Switch Pro Very Soon

New evidence has emerged that suggests Nintendo are gearing up for a big announcement. It seems like they intend to showcase the Switch Pro. Here's what we know so far.

Nintendo Direct Announcement
It's coming very soon... | © Nintendo

Nintendo have secretly been trying to prepare for the reveal of the Switch Pro. But this is the internet, and it's full of would-be sleuths. So, needless to say, a trail of breadcrumbs has been discovered that leads directly to Nintendo HQ. Yep, a number of key pieces of evidence have been found which suggest a new console is going to be revealed imminently. Here's a brief overview of the evidence for the Switch Pro being revealed soon.

Switch Pro Reveal Coming Soon

As first discovered by known leaker @Shokio_YT, several pieces of evidence suggest that Nintendo are gearing up for a new console release. They've made the YouTube videos of current-gen Switch consoles private, they've trademarked "NSW" which is used by NVIDIA to refer to the Switch platform, and they've spent over 66 million Yen acquiring raw materials. Here's why that's important:
  • Historically, Nintendo have made the YouTube content of older hardware private when they're about to introduce something new.
  • The NSW trademark is commonly used in Europe to refer to the Switch, and Nintendo filed a trademark application for that term mere days ago.
  • The raw materials Nintendo have recently acquired are worth twice the amount they spent for the Switch Lite's production. And it's very hard to imagine what they could need this for if it wasn't a new console.
As Shokio says, all these put together suggest a new model is 100% coming:

They will probably be revealing their plans for this new console at the upcoming Nintendo Direct planned for the late Summer. We're personally hoping for 4k capabilities and much greater storage, but this being Nintendo, we aren't holding our breath. What would you like to see on the new console?

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