Big Time Game Creator Wants to Make AAA Deadpool Game

Deadpool Game No More Heroes 3
I'm a simple man: I hear 'Deadpool game', I say 'yes'. | © Marvel

The creator of No More Heroes wants to work on a Deadpool game with Marvel. The Merc with a Mouth never had a proper video game to his name, so this is definitely exciting news.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you most likely played No More Heroes and if you haven't, you owe it to yourself: It's super-original, fun, quirky, action-packed and basically is already most things you associate with Deadpool. Naturally then, the studio behind No More Heroes, Grasshopper Manufacture, and its CEO Goichi Suda would be one of the best choices out there to work on a Deadpool Game.

No More Heroes 3 Creator Wants to Make Deadpool Game With Marvel

Goichi Suda used a two-hour launch stream for No More Heroes 3 with IGN Japan to reveal his passion for Deadpool. If that sounds weird at first, it really isn't: No More Heroes is a trilogy that's now officially wrapped, and the company has its sights set on creating new IPs. Deadpool makes sense, since, as I wrote above, gameplay-wise, the game is similar enough to Deadpool. Seriously, give it a look:

I know, I know, Deadpool has no mecha or really anything from that trailer, but if you really look at the gameplay, you'll see it: The action, the entire absolute and utter oddness and weird-factor... I can see it – I can see Deadpool in all of this and, damn it, I want Grasshopper to work on a Deadpool game.

Here's what they had to say themselves:

The broad answer is we already have a lot of products that are in development. (...) You can definitely look forward to a lot of new, interesting original IPs from Grasshopper. We also of course have other plans and are working hard on them to bring them to fruition. But [in terms of] the kind of things I’d love to do, I’d also love to work with Marvel on a Shatterstar or Deadpool game, something sort of Grasshopper-y like that. Maybe a Quicksilver title of some sorts. So, Marvel, you know.

Shatterstar, Quicksilver... man, I'll take them too, but with how big Deadpool is now and with new movie releases looming, a Deadpool game is the obvious moneymaker here. Plus, Disney is open to let third party game developers work with their IPs – they officially announced that back in 2020. As far as doing the Deadpool IP justice and getting the gameplay right, it won't get much better than having Grasshopper work on it.

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