Overwatch 2 Bug: Hero Might Get Removed From The Game Again...

A new Overwatch 2 bug makes Torbjörn's turret invincible. Fans are now worried that he will get removed from the game again.

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Bug
Overwatch 2 bug makes Torbjörn OP. | © Blizzard Entertainment

After the rough launch of Overwatch 2, many bugs, glitches and server errors were appearing in the game. Some hero bugs were affecting the gameplay so drastically, that Blizzard had to remove some heroes for a certain amount of time. Torbjörn already got removed due to a bug a few weeks ago. But now that he has been added back, it seems like he might get removed once again, due to another massive bug, which makes his turret invincible and OP.

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Overwatch 2 Bug Makes Torbjörn's Turret OP

Overwatch 2 players have found another glitch on the Gibraltar map, where Torbjörn's turret could be placed underneath the map, out of reach for enemies, but still dealing damage. This bug makes him quite OP on the Gibraltar map, and is giving him a nasty advantage.

If a player places the turret on the right side of the last defender spawn, it glitches underneath the map, where enemies can't reach to destroy it.

Unlike the first time, when Torbjörn got removed from the game, now the bug doesn't necessarily concern in the hero itself, but rather the map. We will see in the near future, how Blizzard is planning to solve this problem.

While many players fear that Torbjörn might get removed from Overwatch 2 again, we also can't rule out the possibility that Blizzard needs to do a rework on the map, which would be even worse for Overwatch fans.

Blizzard is doing everything they can to solve occurring bugs as fast as possible, and hopefully they manage to fix this problem without sending Torbjörn to timeout again, as they recently did with Mei, who is still not fit to play at this point.

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